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Gia Rouge

Born and raised as an Australian country girl i have a genuine and unique personality.

I believe travel, adventure and new experiences are key to an extraordinary life full of knowledge and perspective.

I have travelled overseas, from Cartel bars in Mexico to Hollywood parties and top hotels in the USA.  By looking at me you could assume I am a model, and you will be right.  My photos are un-edited (all of them) what you see is actually what you will get.

A sexy redhead with marble blue eyes, long athletic legs and a tight young 27 year old body.

My name – which obviously is not my real name - was selected because of its meaning. 

Gia means gift (something you get), Rouge means red (the colour of passion).

And that is exactly what you will get with me, a very passionate gift, that can be as

submissive or as dominant as you want.

My companionship will not just be about the best sex you have ever had, it will be about the whole tantalising experience. The chemistry between us, the touch of my smooth skin, my big blue eyes seducing you and the unforgettable way i please you.

It's also about the way you delightfully remember our time together and crave to see me again. 

So, ask yourself: Are you ready for The Gia Experience?

Age: 28

Height: 180cm/ 5'11

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Long Orange

Bust: Enhanced 12G

Dress Size: 12

Body type: Curvy/ Athletic

Piercings: Ears

©2023 Gia Rouge

Text to Book 0468 366 997


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