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October 2019

I met the lovely Gia yesterday and what a great time we had together. As soon as I met her by the door we hit it off like a house on fire. It felt like we had known each other for a while, instead of meeting for the first time.
Things quickly got steamy as we made our way into the bedroom and I had the “Gia experience”. I won’t divulge what naught stuff we got up to as a gentleman never tells, but what a great time I had.
As I’m writing this, I’ve still got a cheeky smile on my face reminiscing about what happened yesterday afternoon. Thank you Gia! I’ll be sure to see you again when you’re back in Sydney. -Alex

September 2019

Meeting Gia Rouge and Andy Adams for a 2 hour doubles session was an absolute pleasure and major highlight in my life.
I decided to book for a doubles experience as it was a belated bday present for myself. They are both incredibly stunning, and their bedroom skills are out of this world and simply can’t be matched.
I have booked escorts for doubles before and they simply don’t compare. Looking back on the experience I wish I had extended as the 2 hours simply flew by.
Gentlemen I’m pleading with you Gia Rouge and Andy Adams for a doubles is a must, the experience is addictive and euphoric.


July 2019

I have just had the most incredible and absolutely sensational sexual experience of my life, and I have Gia Rouge to thank for this. Being a nervous type when it comes to these things, I found Gia wonderful to deal with via text. She replied promptly to my enquiry and answered all of my questions, even informing me of a Sydney Special that she had running. She was clear, succinct and receptive towards my requests, which was fantastic.
Meeting Gia was so natural. She met me outside her services apartment (no need for going past reception, thank you!) and welcomed me like an old friend. We sat and chatted briefly and she completely put me at ease.
As we started to get more and more intimate, not once did I feel uncomfortable. In fact, in the bedroom I almost had to pinch myself, wondering if I were really with this absolute goddess of a woman. Her photos are incredible yet they completely pale in comparison with the beauty and sexiness she displays in person.
Gia both asked my input and led well when I wanted her too, which was very much appreciated. She taught me a thing or three too, which was great! Amongst it all, we kissed passionately over and over again. I must say, she is far and away the best kisser I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.
As I set about getting ready to leave I noticed that we’d hit exactly 1.5hrs (the length of the booking) - it didn’t feel too soon or too long, just perfect (although, I could have easily spent all day in Gia’s delightful company, both for the conversation and for the physical intimacy). She gave me a few final kisses and we parted.
Gia, thank you. I very much hope to see you again some other time in the future. -Steve

April 2019

One of the best experiences of my life. she is not only beautiful from head to toe, she also has a charming personality, and a great sense of humor, I was nervous at first but she helped me to calm those nerves, highly recommended if you also want have a great time with a beautiful redhead.

July 2018

After seeing Gia's Twitter page I searched SB & after fining her profile spent little time making contact to arrange a booking whilst Gia was on her July 18 Sydney Tour.  After a few texts to work out the details (time, date, what I'd like in the booking, deposit & how I'd like Gia to dress) it was all set & my wait started. 
Shortly it was time to meet and it must be said that Gia's photos do not do justice to how stunningly beautiful Gia is. I'm not one for nervousness, but in the presence of this Goddess, I felt the strings, however, Gia put me immediately at ease. 
After a shower, we started to get to know each other as we chatted & enjoyed a glass of the wine I'd brought for our date, Gia has a great sense of humour and we were having quite a few laughs, but soon we were kissing and exploring each other's bodies followed by what I can only describe as the most deeply and groaning lay satisfying BBBJ I can recall receiving in many years. The rest is for me alone, but I will be seeing Gia on her next Sydney Tour and am already planning for a run to the Gold Coast for a 12hr sleepover.
A word of warning, Gia is addictive & I'm 110% hooked.
Thank you Gia, you are a one of a kind. T

October 2017

Had an absolute great time with Gia. I liked the look of her photos and when i met her in person, i was not at all disappointed. She is tall and in me view very attractive. Texting to set up our meet was timely and clear. For kissing, i ticked the DFK box for 'deep french kissing', but there really should be a second DFK as in Gia's case it is 'deepest french kissing'.

As soon as i started i thought to myself 'Yes, we're on to a winner here'. We immediately started to click and i felt we clicked hard and fast through the whole experience. I think one of the best feelings is when you sense you truly click with someone. When everything feels so natural, rewarding and working so well. That's what happened in my meeting with Gia. She strikes me as a switched on cookie. Treat her well. 

October 2017

Gia is an attractive, genuine and passionate lover. We clicked beautifully and I look forward to seeing her again.

An exceedingly strong recommendation from me!

October 2017

Meeting Gia left me saying only three words for hours, wow wow & wow.

Such a friendly and sexy personality, also the right amount of naughtiness.

Please don’t make my mistake, book at least one hour with this beauty goddess, the pictures are not fair as she is way hotter in person, there will be no regrets.

September 2017

Absolutely amazing experience with her!!! Beyond words. Must try and get addicted.

August 2017

This girl is FANTASTIC. I have seen some of the "top escorts" in Australia and I can rate Gia at the top if not higher than them. She is as genuine as they get, and she looks EXACTLY as her photos.

Best fuck ever.

Text me: 0468 366 997

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